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Family.....who really FUCKING NEEDS THEM when all they do in the long run is hurt you, tell you they love you and to always be in touch yet when you do, you get ignored and brushed off like a snap of a finger.
That's basically exactly what my family has more less done to my Mom and I.
Since the passing of my Father, my Uncle's been trying to CONTROL us, telling us what to do and when to FUCKING do it.
My Cousin, who I have on Facebook.....the first time me and my Mom left, she called asking what's wrong and bullshit then offered to come down and take us out someplace.
Then she goes behind our back to my Uncle complaining about this and that, umming and ahhhing about the trip to the point where he more less told us to CANCEL which I had done first thing this morning. 
You figure she would be 'disappointed' as much as I am about it.....inquiring as to why I had decided to cancel....nope. She saw the message and more less left it like that.
Many of times in my life I've had family promise me things then turn around and stab me in the back over and quite frankly I've seriously had enough. I can't take anyone's word for anything anymore other than a grain of salt. When you lose one thing in your life, you lose it all and quite frankly I'm done with my own family.
The only person I have now in my life is my own mother and that's about it.
Everyone else in my family, they quite frankly NO LONGER EXIST!
You know, it's funny, when I first left Facebook, I got more comments of support from my ONLINE FRIENDS, then members of my own flesh and blood. They showed more concern within the past few weeks than they ever would. Friends care more than your own family! Truly amazing sometimes!
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It's going well! Been working on some projects that I hope I can get done and up by Christmas time, plus I started writing again!
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Names-Tailz Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I finally got the Vanellope Disney Infinity figure!

Now I have both her and Ralph!

the only stupid thing is that only Ralph was on sale for 10 while Van was still the original price of 13, and we do have the set but that wasn't on clearence...

I wish I could still find the captain Jack figure though...
sonicfan40 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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